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Toref is committed to providing highly competitive impurity standards to customers around the world. Contact us to help us to understand your requirements.

About Toref

Toref is an impurity brand of Guangzhou Tosun Pharmaceutical Limited. Toref Standards is specialized in providing Premium Impurity Standards in custom pack sizes with competitive prices.

We leverage our wide spectrum of business in the fields of research, manufacturing, and supply to help our customers make best-informed decisions tailored to their evolving needs for high-quality impurity standards.Thus Toref has earned reputations as one of the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Impurity Standards.

Our Services

We not only specialize in supplying high-quality impurity standards but also customized synthesis of impurity standards. The volume of our products ranges from milligram to kilogram scales. Our customers come from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutions and so on. Our successful business development is rooted in our high-quality and professional attitude towards service and scientific innovation. Since its founding, Toref has been devoting itself to developing our proprietary technologies alongside the latest in pharmaceutical technological developments, while realizing a scalable and flexible production model to meet all of our customers’ requirements.
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Certified Impurity Standards Supply & Sourcing

Impurity standards in our collection are more than 10,000, each comes with a comprehensive certificate of analysis.We help you to create ever better, safer medicines.

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Customized Synthesis of Impurities

Toref has all the experience, resources and expertise required to meet your custom synthesis and manufacturing needs of pharmaceutical impurity standards.

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Pharmaceutical Impurity Isolation & Purification

With modern scientific equipments, Toref can help you to isolate and purify your compound if its purity is inadequate for your application or for characterization.

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