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Business Scope of Toref Impurity Research Laboratory

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Isolation and Purification Business (multi-milligram level, multi-gram level to multi-kilogram level)

  • Synthesis, preparation and structural analysis of unknown low content (0.01%) impurities in raw materials, pesticides, veterinary drugs and preparations.
  • Isolation, purification and structure identification of active ingredients in plants, animals, microorganisms and Chinese medicinal materials.
  • Isolation, purification and structure confirmation of chemical components in fermentation products.
  • Synthesis, preparation and structure analysis of isotopic impurities in drugs.
  • Isolation, purification and structural identification of sugar compounds.
  • Synthesis and resolution of chiral compounds.

Analyzing business

  • Compound purity detection and stability analysis (HPLC).
  • Compound molecular weight detection (LC-MS).
  • Structural analysis of unknown compounds (LC-MS, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR).

Solve the Problem of Insufficient Research on Related Substances in the Declaration

  • The basis for selecting the wavelength of the relevant substances is insufficient, and sufficient research has not been carried out.
  • Combined with the process, please add isomer control means.
  • The detection methods of related substances are unreliable, and the research on related impurities at home and abroad is not sufficient.
  • Clarify process impurities and degradation impurities.
  • Copy the pharmacopoeia, and use low-sensitivity methods such as TLC to control impurities.