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European Pharmacopoeia Reference Standards Available In Stock and Ready to Ship

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European Pharmacopoeia is the only guiding document for European drug quality testing. All drugs and pharmaceutical substrates must meet the quality standards of European Pharmacopoeia during the promotion and use within Europe. Therefore, the drugs that are generally exported to Europe must use EP standard products for the production and testing of drugs and related reference substances and standards.

However, reference standard products such as EP, due to the particularity of the product, such as high price and high storage requirements, cannot achieve large-scale and large-scale spot inventory. Therefore, it is generally the mode of ordering, purchasing, and delivery when customers have requirements.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause the problem of long delivery period and large uncertainty, which is very common in the European Pharmacopoeia (EP). In this case, once the supplier’s supply of goods fluctuates and the delivery cannot be made on time, the impact will range from delaying the experiment period to delaying the production line process and causing economic losses.

Guangzhou Tosun Pharmaceutical Limited has more than 5,000 popular impurity standards in stock, and specializes in providing pharmaceutical reference standards/ impurity standards, high-purity organic reagents, inorganic reagents, biochemical reagents, analytical reagents, metal organic catalysts, proficiency testing and laboratory instruments consumables etc. The industry covers pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, toys, electronic chemistry, minerals, aviation textiles, agriculture, wineries, health products, analysis/testing laboratories, etc. At present, it has served more than 8,000 end customers and more than 2,000 channel distributors. Control the quality of samples with insufficient stability from the source, and test the purity before shipment to ensure that the purity of samples received by customers can reach 95%. Oily or viscous samples will be dried with a freeze dryer to ensure that the samples are in the best condition.