Eye drops commonly used for glaucoma and their side effects

The commonly used eye drops for glaucoma patients, the principle of blood pressure reduction, and their corresponding side effects.
When using medication, everyone must read the instructions to understand these side effects, so as not to panic and stop taking the medication the next day.
Dry and astringent eyes are common and can be relieved with artificial tears. I will write a detailed article on how to alleviate these side effects.

1. Prostaglandins generally have the greatest antihypertensive effect and the longest duration, typically ranging from 24 to 48 hours
Such as Latan, Travus, Beimei, and Tafu

2 β Adrenergic receptor blockers, inhibiting aqueous humor generation
Ru Tiao Ma Xin An, Bei Ta Gen, Mei Kai Lang, Bei Te Shu

3. Choline like drugs that increase aqueous humor outflow
Rucine from Fructus pilosula

4. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors treat glaucoma CAIs and inhibit aqueous humor generation
Examples include doxorubicin, pyrimidine, as well as oral medications such as acetaminophen and nimex

5. Combination therapy
When single drug treatment fails to achieve the target intraocular pressure, consideration should be given to switching to a different single drug.If a single medication cannot achieve the target intraocular pressure, additional medication should be considered for treatment.In principle, only one type of medication with different antihypertensive mechanisms can be used.Compared to single drug combination therapy, fixed compound formulations are more convenient and require less medication administration,Like paracetamol and ceftazide.