Global Sourcing

Every year, pharmaceutical companies in the world purchase a large number of impurities standards from Toref to support the research and development, improvement and declaration on new drugs. By having procurement managers, senior procurement staff and teams of administrators, we maximize the number of inquiries we can manage, along with identifying, vetting, and collaborating with our suppliers. We utilize our complex chemistry expertise and considerable knowledge base to supply high-quality products beyond our catalog range and current manufacturing campaigns. Thus Toref has won the high trust of countless pharmaceutical companies and has become their reliable, long-term and important strategic partner.

We treat all sourced products with the same diligence as those we manufacture, which are sourced from Europe, India, United States, Korea and more other countries. All materials are fully tested in our state-of-the-art laboratories. This ensures the quality and documentation is consistent, reducing the risk to the customer and enabling a seamless transition of the product to the end user.

For Further Information

If your company is committed to the research and development and production of products beyond our catalog range and current manufacturing campaigns, please contact us to recommend your competitive products to us. You can also follow us on social medias to keep close attention to our new product requirements!