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Landiolol Impurities Available Ready Stock At Toref

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Landiolol is a beta-blocker medication used for the treatment of irregular heartbeats. Impurities in Landiolol may occur due to various factors such as the manufacturing process or storage conditions. These impurities, if present in high levels, can affect the quality and safety of the medication. Therefore, it is important to monitor and control the impurities in Landiolol to ensure its efficacy and safety for patients.

Toref has specialization in the synthesis / supply of pharmacopeia impurities, process impurities, isolation, and identification of unknown impurities of Landiolol to all pharmaceutical companies globally. All ready-to-ship Landiolol Impurities are tabulated below:

Product NameCAS No.Molecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurity
Landiolol Impurity 4190601-22-0C19H29N3O6395.45N/A
Landiolol Impurity 9N/AC24H28O7428.4896.03%
Landiolol Impurity 16N/AC22H35N308469.2492.76%
Landiolol Impurity 17N/AC18H24O6336.3899.12%
Landiolol Impurity 18N/AC18H24O6336.3896.68%

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