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CAS: 848259-27-8
Chemical formula: C28H30N2O6


1.Specifications, usage, and dosage
Specifications:Tablets: 0.1mg;
Usage and dosage:Usually, adults take 0.2mg orally once a day, and depending on the degree of high triglyceride levels, 0.4mg once can be increased to once a day.

Indications:Hyperlipidemia (including familial).

3.Product advantages
Pemabet is a new, highly selective PPAR developed by Kowa Company α The regulator was launched in Japan in July 2017 and a new formulation of sustained-release tablets was launched in June 2023;

High safety, it can improve the problem of low serum triglyceride levels by regulating liver lipid metabolism, and its safety is superior to other beta lipid-lowering drugs;

Compared to Fenobert, Pemabert’s PPAR α The active form of activated fenofibrate, fenofibrate, is more than 2500 times stronger than that of fenofibrate. According to experimental results in Japan, the incidence of adverse events in Pemabet is much lower than that of fenofibrate, similar to placebo. In Japan, Pemabet tablets exceed the market share of fenofibrate after three years of marketing;

Improving liver function measurements, mainstream beta drugs such as fenofibrate can cause alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and γ- Glutamyltransferase( γ- GT) and other liver function test values deteriorate, but using Pemabet will actually reduce these values. After treatment, these changes in renal and liver function test values are caused by Pemabet as SPPARM α One of the characteristics of;

It can be used in combination with statins because of the risk of rhabdomyolysis, beta drugs cannot be used in combination with statins, and Pemabet tablets are a high choice PPAR- α The lower dosage is safer, so it can be used in combination with statins, especially in patients with impaired kidney function, which can also improve liver function test values;

The reduction of triglycerides by statins is not significant (10-30%), but there is a lack of drugs that can reduce triglycerides on the basis of statins. Only omega-3 can reduce triglyceride levels (20%), and Pemabet tablets can reduce triglyceride levels by 50%;

The world’s first peroxisome proliferator activated receptor α (PPAR) α) It is estimated that the regulator can be applied for exemption from major clinical trials according to four categories, and the tablet is the 30th batch of reference. In addition, three indications (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia) are still in the clinical research stage. Our company can supply the general agent of foreign raw materials, and the price is favorable. You are welcome to consult.