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Stock List of Newly Added Impurities – Updated in 20230630

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Stock list of newly added impurity of this week (updated in 20230630).

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CAT No.CAS No.Product NameMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurity
REF-QT01787N/Apropyl 4-((4-aminobutanoyl)oxy)benzoateC14H19NO4265.3496.65%
REF-T100081026075-53-5Timolol EP Impurity EC17H26N4O6S414.4896.79%
REF-F06037245759-66-4Formoterol Impurity 26C18H24N2O3316.496.02%
REF-P35022N/AProcaterol Impurity 22C16H23ClN2O3326.8295.44%
REF-P35019N/AProcaterol Impurity 19C16H23ClN2O3326.8295.70%
REF-C51019138514-32-6Cefditoren Pivoxil Impurity 11C25H28N6O7S3620.7190.12%
REF-C480221276477-91-8Carvedilol Impurity 16C27H22N2O3422.4895.02%
REF-M03025139339-72-3Metoclopramide SulfoneC16H26ClN3O4S391.9197.28%