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Tafluprost-One Drug Knowledge per Day

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CAS: 209860-87-7
Chemical formula: C25H34F2O5

1.Specifications, usage, and dosage
Specifications:0.0015% (0.3ml: 4.5) μ g) ;0.0015% (2.5ml: 37.5) μ g) ;
Usage and dosage:Once a day, one drop each time.

Indications:A therapeutic agent for glaucoma and high intraocular pressure.

3.Product advantages
Due to rigid market demand and a large patient population, glaucoma ranks second among global blinding eye diseases and first among irreversible blinding eye diseases. At present, there are about 67 million patients worldwide, and in 2020, the number of patients in China may reach 21.8 million, with over 25% of them being blind. The incidence rate of glaucoma in the general population is 1%, 1-2% after 40 years old, and 3-4% above 50 years old.

Lowering intraocular pressure is the only proven effective treatment strategy for glaucoma, and drug therapy runs through the entire process, with prostaglandin drugs having the strongest effect on lowering intraocular pressure; The European Guidelines for Glaucoma (EGS Guidelines) emphasize the priority and importance of glaucoma drug therapy.

High selectivity: Tafluprost has high selectivity for prostaglandin receptor FP and has almost no effect on other receptors; High affinity: Tafluprost has a 12 fold affinity for prostaglandin receptor FP compared to latanoprost;
Efficiency: Effectively reduces intraocular pressure by 37.2%; The 24-hour fluctuation of intraocular pressure is also significantly lower than that of latanoprost; Replacing other prostaglandin drugs with tafluoroprostaglandin can reduce average intraocular pressure by 1mm Hg.

High safety and similar clinical effects to latanoprost, but tafluprost has a more favorable distribution of certain confocal parameters in the cornea; Compared with travoprost, tafluprost may have improved corneal safety while maintaining an effective effect in reducing intraocular pressure; In addition, preparations without preservatives can improve patient subjective satisfaction and tear time.

Clinical urgent and market scarce varieties, Class B medical insurance, the domestic hospital terminal market in 2022 was 75.3 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57.83%. Currently, there are few domestic listed companies, and the market competition is good. Our company can supply high-quality imported raw materials (excluding preservatives).

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