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Temperature Range for Pharmaceutical Impurity Storage

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Common storage methods for pharmaceutical impurity standard products include:

  1. Storage at Room Temperature: generally used for impurites with relatively stable chemical properties, it is recommended to store in a dry and cool place.
  2. Refrigeration at +4 degrees: used for substances that are not very stable at room temperature, and stored in the refrigerator freezer.
  3. Freezing at -20 degrees: used for substances that are chemically unstable and easy to decompose at room temperature.
  4. Storage at -80°C: Some biologically active substances need to be stored in a specific -80°C refrigerator.

Shipping Conditions: Compared with the long-term storage conditions, the shipping process is relatively short, so the shipping conditions are not as strict as the storage conditions. Pharmaceutical impurity stored at room temperature and +4 degrees for a long time can be transported at room temperature. Impurities stored at -20 degrees can be placed in ice packs to lower the temperature during transportation. Impurity standards stored at -80 degrees need to be transported When adding dry ice. However, the effective time of dry ice can only be kept for about 1 day, so this type of material is not suitable for long-distance transportation.